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Empowering Regulatory Compliance Worldwide

Discover the future of regulatory compliance with IRI-Index, your passport to navigating the global landscape of beauty and personal care regulations. Dive into a world of innovative solutions designed to simplify, streamline, and elevate your compliance journey.

What Is IRI-Index?

IRI-Index is your comprehensive regulatory encyclopedia, offering a vast database of over 30,000 ingredients meticulously cross-referenced with regulations from 70+ countries. Say goodbye to the complexities of compliance and confidently access the information you need to develop and market products worldwide.

With IRI-Index, you gain a competitive edge by staying ahead of regulatory changes and ensuring that your formulations align with the latest standards. Whether you're a cosmetics manufacturer, brand owner, or industry expert, our cutting-edge tool empowers you to innovate, comply, and succeed in the dynamic beauty and personal care industry.

Unlocking Regulatory Success:
IRI-Index's Power Tools

Global Compliance

Ensure seamless compliance with regulations from 70+ countries.

Ingredient Information

Access a vast database of 30,000+ ingredients complete with INCI names, CAS/EC nos., functions, and descriptions.

Retailer Alignment

Stay compliant with 6 major U.S. retailers, enhancing market access.

Notification Center

Stay current with weekly regulatory changes notifications.

A.I. Integration

Use Artificial Intelligence for regulatory insights and recommendations.







The Advantages of IRI-Index

Unlock a world of regulatory advantages with IRI-Index. Our comprehensive database empowers you with the knowledge to streamline compliance, expand your market reach, and drive innovation.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with staying ahead of regulatory changes, aligning with top retailers, and tapping into Artificial Intelligence for insightful recommendations. With IRI-Index, compliance is no longer a challenge; it's your competitive edge.

Experience the Future: Request a Demo

Ready to witness the transformative power of our regulatory solutions and formula management tools? Request a demo today and embark on a journey toward effortless compliance, innovation, and growth in the beauty and personal care industry. See how IRI-Sys can revolutionize your business.